Rainbow Fingers by camilla derrico

This is a painting of mine from 2008, but I recently released it as an 11x14” Print on my eStore ^_^ It’s my charity print for this month, so %50 of proceeds go to Wild Earth Guardians to protect and restore wildlife.

Montreal-based Canadian photographer François Brunelle has met many unrelated people who look amazingly alike, during the course of his travels. Inviting these pairs of doppelgängers into his studio, he captured their incredible likeness in black-and-white, family-styled portraits. In some cases, the subjects even have similar expressions—it is really a wonder that they are not only not twins, but are actually completely unrelated to each other. These portraits make us wonder if we all have doppelgängers somewhere else in the world—would you like to meet yours?

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llbwwb:Moraine Lake (by Hank888)

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sin título by -Fearless- on Flickr.

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